Art and Philosophy

Two works of art have been commissioned to accompany the conference:

Friday 28 August 2009
John Hammersley, An Invitation to Dialogue.

Saturday 29 August 2009
Jennie Savage, Museum of the Moment.

JH SEPFEPimageFriday 28 August 2009
John Hammersley, An Invitation to Dialogue.

On Friday 28 August, John invites you to participate in a conversation during breaks between papers. If you are attending the conference and wish to participate in a conversation with John, then please feel free to approach him.

John Hammersley is an academic associate at Cardiff School of Art & Design, UWIC, whose research investigates dialogue as practice and understanding in contemporary art. An invitation to dialogue is part of an on-going series of conversations through which John reflects upon some of his prejudices and his changing understanding of the difficulties of achieving dialogue through conversation in various contexts. Conversations are not transcribed and no record of your name will be kept by John. Participation in conversation may cost you some time however. Further examples of John’s practice can be found on his webpage.


arcade 2Saturday 29 August 2009
Jennie Savage, Museum of the Moment.

A work of sound art by Jennie Savage has been commissioned to close the conference on Saturday afternoon, 29 August. Titled Museum of the Moment, the work is an audio walk through the Victorian arcades in Cardiff city centre. The work offers a series of aural histories, ranging from the construction of the medieval burgage plots, on top of which the city’s arcades are built, to tales of individual shops, reflections on everyday life, and some quite funny stories. It invites participants to rethink place in relation to time through a series of interlocking sound pieces which are transmitted wirelessly through the arcades.

Jennie Savage is an artist whose work explores the nature of place in relation to time through a range of research processes and documentary techniques. She has a particular interest in exploring the space between public places, town planning, constructed landscapes and the human story: the lived lives and personal narratives connected to those sites. Further details can be found on Jennie Savage’s web page or via the Arcades Project link to the left of this page.

Participation in the work costs £10.00 and places can be booked using the conference registration form.

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